Rafal Wegrzyniak

Rafal Wegrzyniak

Lead Back-End Developer

Email: rw@bcave.io

Skills and expertise

I have always been fascinated by mathematical dependencies in the surrounding world. On the basis of this fascination, my passion for programming grew. I started my career as a web developer and big data annalist dealing with algorithms for fast searching of large data sets and natural language processing in one of the largest companies in the Polish e-commerce market, but this was not what fascinates me most, So I started my own company creating software for algorithmic photo analysis. However, the fascination with the idea of ​​decentralization and Blockchain technology led me to abandoned activities and from the beginning of 2018 together with BCave I create bots analyzing and looking for dependencies in the cryptocurrency market using recurrent neutron networks, constantly looking for an answer to the question whether the world is determined.





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